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Thread: vigilance 4.0

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    Its the exact reverse of that .. vigilance is a boost the threat of you as an OT if you are getting hit its does squat .. the person with vigilance has to get hit NOT you.

    That's why your statement "(just taunt mobs off the other tank when you run out :P)" is erronous.

    The talent is designed to make sure we don't get rage starved as OT and dps a little harder to maintain threat pure and simple it is next to useless in ICC trash unless you are fail tanking and have vigilance on the other tank and he has most of the adds you get alot of vengance.
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    But if you BOTH get hit, you get more Vengeance than if only you got hit, right?
    Because if one tank is tanking 3+ mobs, he's probably having no rage issues anyway. So if you pick off one, you get more rage incoming for yourself, increasing your damage while not drasticly reducing his/her.
    Vigilance creates EXTRA Vengeance on the Warrior, so if your other tank is getting high Vengeance, you're better off, taunting an extra mob off him so you don't 'waste' his incoming Vengeance stacks.

    Here's an example where Vigilance works at it's absolute best: Lich King.
    As OT in p1 you can taunt any mob that spawns, because your taunt is refreshed as long as they are hitting the MT.
    You can taunt the Raging Spirits away to pop them outside of your raid, because as long as the MT gets hit, you're able to spam taunt.

    There's a lot of possible use for the Taunt refresh mechanic if you look for it, don't just dismiss it as 'tank rotating'
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    The problem is if the mage/warlock/shadow priest is getting hit it doesn't really help you :-)

    Not saying it's not useful in some instances just doesn't really help you losing shit to the dps like the old vigilance did. It's working as intended and as I said I am assuming the tanks will be required to be 1-2 on threat in cata encounters which is why I think it's really there.

    As you pointed out when things go as intended you can use it but the poor mage is dead again ;-)
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    i think ugly and wartotem are talking 2 different languages. ugly, you are correct, in that vig no longer reduces threat produced. but thats NOT its function any more.

    as for the strat war is discribing, i have to say it works well.. since i started this thread, ive been using vig on a lot of fights and i find that the math MEL did a page back is highl accurate for single ta rget effects or split tanking situations.

    for trash pulls ( in a raid setting, not a 5 man) I have fund that having a paladin pull, and taunting adds off him as needed is a near flawless strat
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    In a raid? I can't imagine a good reason not to have it.

    If there are two tanks this means you have maxed Vengeance (read: double AP) at all times, whether you're the active tank or not. And on top of that, you can *always* taunt unless you are the main tank (and even when you are, if the off-tank is taking anything). That is too sexy for my money.

    In 5-mans, I wouldn't blink at not having it. It can be handy for the taunt refresh if you have anyone who outgears (thinking 81+) you or has obscene threat, or threat control issues. And it only costs one point, but then I'd say it is leave-able.
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