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Thread: Kurllkrum's "Keep it Simple Stupid" Fury Guide

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    Kurllkrum's "Keep it Simple Stupid" Fury Guide

    Hi, I'm Kurllkrum from JaneDoe on Terokkar-EU. http://www.janedoe.eu/forums/class-d...-1-fury-dps#c1 Long time user, first time poster here so here goes. I originally posted this on my guild Forum and was advised by a guildie that there wasn't much up here yet.
    So here is my 2 cents worth...

    For the record I'm currently after the patch doing 5.1k DPS on Dummies, and after a first foray into ICC I can say that my single target on the stand still and nuke fight that is Saurfang remained unchanged at 10k, and the AoE Blitz that is the Pre-Marrogar Trash was down a touch from 12-14k to 10-12k, This may have been me still getting used to things and not quite pressing the right buttons, and I haven't spent a massive amount of time Theory Crafting this with 2 hour tests of 100 different stat combinations. I have applied what I think is common sense to examining the new abilities and found something that works for me to get me back to where I was pre-patch.


    Primary Stat is Strenght now than Arp is no-longer. Also note you get an extra 5% of this by wearing plate in all slots so say goodbye to those leather pieces you probably had equipped and fish the plate out of the bank!

    Secondary Stats are a little more confused so this is strictly "What is working for me" rather than the definative "Elistist Jerks/Tankspot/Bluepost Says".

    Hit and Expertise to SOFT Cap. (Specials all hit and Nothing gets dodged) This should be no-brainer, however I'd like to see all this come from GEAR freeing up those limited gem slots for Strenght.

    Now the fun bit. Rage generation has been normalised, so you won't end up overflowing with rage from damage done by uber crits. Rage now comes from our White Hits, so to get max rage we need Hit and or Haste. However to get our rage steady/consistent Hit seems to be better than Haste. (Haste = faster hits with flat spots of 0 rage gain due to miss, while Hit = slower hits but consitent gain with no flat spots. Same about of rage both ways, different distrubution). On the other hand if we lose crit to acheive this we will hit like wet noodles. I have therefore gone with Hit=>Crit>>Haste.

    What this means: Hit is slightly better than crit but crit shouldn't be reforged into it, both are better than Haste which should be reforged into Hit upto the HARD CAP (27% or thereabouts).
    DPS rotation:

    Ok I have a gear set of all plate, with strenght gems and all my Haste gear reforged to add Hit and my Crit left alone. As a 5.8k GS unbuffed I think I had last night at log off 4800AP, 21%Hit, 40%Crit, 12% Haste. What do I do with it?

    What I have done with all the rage generated by reforging my gear is be able to Bloodthirst every 3 seconds and have Heroic Strike macroed into that ability without getting rage starved. It is worth noting that the following macro:

    /cast Bloodthirst
    /cast Heroic Strike

    will cast Bloodthirst only upto 49 rage, and Bloodthirst and Heroicstrike at 50rage or above.
    This gives us a base rotation of:

    BT+HS/ filler /BT+HS/ filler /BT+HS/ filler /BT+HS/ filler /BT+HS/ filler

    "filler" is the free GCD used for your other abilities I mention below.

    Raging Blow - the replacement for WW in single target, it has a 6 sec CD but requires an enrage effect (talented from melee hits). If you have an enrage effect the button is lit so push it! In a world where you always have an enrage effect procced you rotation now looks like this:

    BT+HS/ RB /BT+HS/ filler /BT+HS/ RB /BT+HS/ filler /BT+HS/ RB /BT+HS/ filler

    Filling the rest of the gaps, the ones that have changed:

    Beserker Rage - Can be glyphed to produce 5 rage, but mainly used to force an enrage effect to enable Raging Blow to be used if it is coming off cooldown but you don't have an enrage effect to allow use again.

    Battle Shout - 30sec cd rage generation, Used when Raging Blow is coming off CD but you don't expect to have enough rage to use it.

    Slam - This now hits like a soggy bananna, use it only when everything else is going swimmingly and no ability maintainance to carry out.

    Filng the rest of the gaps, the ones that are near enough the same as before:
    Sunder - Maintenance if you don't have a warrior tank on the job, it's only 3 stacks and if something you do regularly there is a glyph to reduce cost

    Heroic Throw - I try and throw one of these as often as threat will allow (ie. not on the pull..but soon after and then every CD), it fills the gap, I saw crits last night of 10k, so not a bad one if all you have left to use is Slam or this, choose this!

    Demo Shout - The old "tank leaves raid feeling like god" ability because the boss hit like a wet noodle, if he isn't doing it himself (and they all can now) keep it up for him, but your doing it becuase you have nothing better to do!

    Well there you have it, Kurllkrums EZ mode Fury DPS guide. End result for me..target dummy (no prepatch comparision) 5.1k DPS. Saurfang on Normal 10man pre-patch 9-10k, post patch 10.1k, so about the same as before.

    Fury AoE Rotation:

    Ok, I nearly signed of without it..but here goes. Remeber that Base Rotation with a BT+HS macro...

    Try BT+C/ filler /BT+C/ filler /BT+C/ filler /BT+C/ filler

    Where C is Glyphed Cleave instead of HS. Fillers all remain the same with the execption that the first one wants to be Whirlwind on 3+mobs where 50% with both weapons +3 = 150% with both weapons, better than Raging Blows 125% with both weapons.

    Rageing blow stays in the mix as does everything else. This is becuase WW is now a 10 sec CD, so rotation becomes something like this with WW topping RB in the priority list and while it's on CD RB will fill as many gaps as possible:

    BT+C/ WW /BT+C/ RB /BT+C/ filler /BT+C/ RB /BT+C/ WW /BT+C/ RB /BT+C/ filler /BT+C/ RB /BT+C/ WW

    Pre Patch normal ICC 10man pre marowgarr trash 12-14k, 1st run Post Patch 10-12k.
    Last edited by Kurllkrum; 10-15-2010 at 06:00 AM. Reason: JD website added, Formating/spacing ajudsted from after Copy/Paste messed it up.

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    Mind adding your armory link? So can see your gear without searching

    This at least gives me hope that I wont suck tonight, since my dummy is taking 7-7.5k

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    Armory Link


    Last logged out in tank gear which I'm also playing about with from a purely Hc dungeon view point, Im going to re-log and switch gear back to Fury now for the sake of this post.

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    Question for your rotation would there be a big difference in damage if you combined Raging Blow + HS (3 Yellow hits instead). I've done it a few times and noticed a nice spike boost in DPS but its not a really good way to spend rage I think..

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