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Thread: Hyjal Exalted Belt for tanking?

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    Hyjal Exalted Belt for tanking?

    Belt of the Ferocious Wolf (http://www.wowhead.com/item=62384)
    Exalted - Guardians of Hyjal

    Hardened Elementium Girdle (http://www.wowhead.com/item=55059)
    Blacksmithing Crafted Belt

    Now as I see it at the moment, the blacksmithing belt has the advantage of having dodge over crit, which is obviously a better defensive stat

    However, the mastery, and stamina and armor are the same on each item.
    Crafted belt has more str (more threat)? but considering the extra gem socket on the Hyjal belt, it seems with a little reforging, it could actually be a much better choice for pre-raid.

    Keeping in mind the grind to exalted with Hyjal also offers the epic tank cloak, what are other people's thoughts on this?

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    The belt is pretty decent, after reforging there's a 100 rating difference for up to 60 additional stamina. It's a very good starting piece without investing to much gold (only time) - in my eyes they are pretty much equal.

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    I thought about this myself already, but didn't count in reforging- I'm still forgetting that feature all the time. This definately makes the hyjal belt a viable tanking choice- thanks!

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    I myself have both of these, and have done some testing in numerous heroics, and while Belt of the Ferocious wolf does come out on threat, i still use the BOE blacksmithing choice instead, which i didnt have to pay for, as the mats were all from self sufficiency.

    TL;DR Tanking belt is for tanking.

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    So, in the end, the difference is as follows

    Hardened Elementium Girdle (http://www.wowhead.com/item=55059)

    1927 armor
    263 strength (253 + 10)
    440 stamina (380 + 60)
    169 dodge rating
    169 mastery rating

    *assuming you use a 60stam gem and get socket bonus*


    Belt of the Ferocious Wolf (http://www.wowhead.com/item=62384)

    1927 armor
    243 Strength (233 + 10)
    500 Stamina (380 + 60 + 60)
    169 Mastery rating
    90 Crit rating
    59 Parry rating

    *assuming you use 2 x 60stam gems and gain socket bonus*
    *This is also reforging crit for parry, you may choose to use dodge instead*

    So, the overall differences are:
    Blacksmithing belt
    * + 20str
    * - 60stam
    * - 90crit
    * +110dodge or parry

    ..I think

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    I think Belt of the Ferocious Wolf is a decent low budget gold tanking belt compared to the BoE. One Truegoldbar is more expensive than the ~ 63g which the belt of the ferocious wolf costs at least on my server. The BoE stuff goes for around 20-30k on my server.

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    seems like a pretty decend alternative if ya reforge. So i woudl say yeah go for it.

    Although the heroci belt that drosp from lockmaw on Lost city of Tol'vir is easly obtained to.

    Ofc it isnt epic ... but its optemized ...
    Tanking is not a hobby its a Lifestyle

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