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Thread: Fury Warrior Gemming 4.0.1

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    Fury Warrior Gemming 4.0.1

    Currently I am sitting at 21% hit with 7 or so yellow sockets with +20 strength in them. Should these be changed to +20 hit so I can get near 27% hit or to something else or leave as is?

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    How is your rage generation? that is probably going to be the key to gearing/gemming/enchanting for hit/haste (trying to figure out the ratio). Basically, if you're comfortable with your rage generation, you probably don't need to gem more hit but rather Str or str/something.
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    Hit isn't yellow anymore anyway...if your rage gen is fine, though, I'd probably go Str/crit in the yellow sockets (assuming they've got strength socket bonuses). If it's a bit sketchy, perhaps str/haste instead.

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