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Thread: Dps Trinkets

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    Dps Trinkets

    Hello currently I have 3 trinkets and not sure which combination I should use. The trinkets i currently have Tiny abom in a jar, whispering fanged skull, and herkumi war token. With the abom in a jar i'm 1.39% hit over the 27%cap without the abom i'm at 25.63% with all my gear reforged for hit. I can un-reforge some hit with the abom and get some haste back. Just wondering what you guys think.
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    The 27% hit rating is only for your regular melee swings (white hits) my warrior is my main, Healsponge - Blackhand. and i'm around 17%. Every one of my special attacks is able to hit, those only have an 8% hit rating. I personally use the heroic whispering fanged skull and the Herkuml War Token and i dont seem to have much of an issue with getting rage which is one of the only reasons that white hits concern me. 25% would be fantastic to have.. Try the combinations out on the trinkets and see which one you like more, which pulls better dps whether it be 100 dps more or 1k dps more, it's still an increase

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    whispering fanged skull, and herkumi war token
    these 2, with some reforging overall stat, 24%(to 27%) HIT and 20% haste, all STR gems, should net you better and consistent dps output....

    tiny abom seems meant for burst damage when it procs....

    basically play around with your gear, regem, reforge, and hit that heroic dummy harder... and tell us about the results...

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