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Thread: Damage boost

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    Damage boost

    Ive had a break from game since the big patch with new talents and stuff. I returned a couple days ago and rerolled a lock.

    But there seems to be some sick changes in damage for most classes, will this be nerfed or is this intended.

    Pvp for instance, rogues seems to oneshot pretty much everyone at lower levels. Spellcasters looks overpowered as hell in pvp, spells with normal levling gear hits like a truck. Healers heals like hell, even non specced healers heals for a ton now.

    I went into ragefire chasm at 14 with my lock, soloed the whole instance without any trouble at all, shitty geared aswell. And yeah I know locks could be good to solo, but this cant be intended at all or can it ?

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    Low level DPS is totally OP atm.

    by Ghostcrawler | 20/10/2010 17:50:57

    We are going to spend some effort adjusting numbers for 1-80. It's not as big a priority as 85 because frankly, more players care about balance at 85 than they do lower level balance. As some folks have pointed out, inexperienced players almost by definition, don't place a premium on balance, and experienced players tend to not worry about balance much until they're at max level since things are changing so quickly.

    Rather than adjusting everything independently, we tend to focus on max level and then work backwards from there. It doesn't help to nerf say rogue damage by 5% from level 1-60 if we then find we also need to nerf it at level 85 and then buff the 1-60 numbers to compensate.

    There is some goofy stuff going on at lower level, but we'll get it all straightened out. After spending so much effort revamping the old zones and quests, we don't want the leveling experience to be an odd one.
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