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Thread: Reforging

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    So far I have reforged my gear to be hit capped, at least for melee and then the rest for mastery.

    I still have 22 exp. and my mastery is at 104% (I believe)

    I have no idea if this is the right way to go, any advice?

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    Armory still isnt showing the new things (or anything at all that has happened after the 12th) so cant see the changes you have made. Reforging avoidance stats leads to way fewer RS though since the havent changed the requirement for it (as in always possible in blood presence) so not sure reforging to mastery is the way to go yet but I do feel like a complete beginner right now so feel free to ignore my thoughts here if they are totally incorrect :-)

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    According to Satorri and Gravity(THE experts on DK tanking),reforging any parry to mastery is the way to go as you can't have enough mastery.and any excess hit or excess expertise to mastery also.I tested it out myself,and I have to say,mastery is awesome so you really can't go wrong with it.

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    How did you guys spare the hit? I barely hit 8%mel/10%spel for hit and 16 rating exp. Was on same topic so thought i'd post here.

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    In practice I've found our mastery underwhelming. EJ thread is confirming a lot of really irksome little issues with its scaling and it doesn't stack. I was full mastery the first day, have since cut way back. Also, reforging 'parry' is just wrong. Parry and Dodge DR at the same rate now, you gain avoidance by equalizing the stats, not crushing one of them.

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