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Thread: tank questions

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    tank questions

    ok so I have some questions for you guys and I hope you really dont mind the slight nubness. My main is a mage, but I've been tanking alt runs for quit a while. With the incoming patch, and the multiple changes they have made to the mage trees and rotations, I've been spending all my time on EJ dealing with mage issue, because of this I am waay behind. I am just curious if our numbers for minimum defense and expertise are still what they were pre-patch. I haven't found any math really on what is changed, and really haven't had a chance to look in depth at what happened. Also as far as you guys go that are tanking constantly, has our gem priorities changed at all. Anyway I looked through the forums here and EJ and it might be here, but it seems like all the warrior specs right now are mashed into one thread. Anyway thanks for the help.

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    Defense doesn't exist anymore, and the gemming priorities haven't changed. Crit immunity comes from talents.
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    Pretty much what Mellvar said. I'll add that I think Block is very valuable right now, both because it smooths damage well, and because with Shield spec gives you a bunch of rage for blocking, which is important these days.
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