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Thread: 4.0 / War Tanking / Sunder / Glyphs

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    4.0 / War Tanking / Sunder / Glyphs

    It has been forever since I have had sunder on my bars but I am looking for info on "splash sunders" with the 4.0 changes and glyphs. Please direct if previously answered.

    1) IS the minor glyph of Furious sunder -rage cost associated to anything other then a direct target and direct sunder ability usage?

    2) IS the major glyph of Sunder Armor.. with its ability to "apply an additional sunder to near enemy" associated/additive to abilities and glyphs such as....
    a) Glyph of Heroic Throw - applies a Sunder Armor
    b) Devastate - application of sunder
    c) is the "additional sunder" in any instance threat producing? Please be impressive on opinion. Mods dont count unless you created them.

    *** Mainly wondering because of its usefulness as a 0 damage (non CC breaker) threat builder to multiple targets in a hopeful Cata CC intensive environment.

    Also fast questions.... I probably should know but don’t see... please direct me to the page if it one already exists...

    3) Duration of 1 sunder.
    4) Threat by sunder application per rage usage based on new 3 cap?
    If any have run the numbers I am just curious how the devs have adjusted it.....
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    Sunder lasts 30 seconds on a target, the old sunder glyph that was basically the same worked for devestate before. I am at school so I can't do so, but you should try getting the glyph and well.. smacking something once then let us no. If not ill give an answer in about 5 hours.

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    Devastate still makes the glyph work as far as i know, or maybe i tabtank too fast :3

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    Just tested these.. Rage reduction applies to sunder only, devastate still applies sunder to second target however heroic throw does not. I assume this would be that the effects of one glyph cannot directly affect another.

    Sunder armor by itself seems somewhat useless. even if you are the Offtank for something and don't want to pull aggro devastate would be a better choice.

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