<Wrath of Astranaar> celebrates it's 5th Anniversary on the (US) Twisting Nether Server this October!

We are a group of older players, mostly professional/career people who enjoy the competative cooperative raid environment of a small, tight-nit group of regulars.

Although, we are not the most LEET group of raiders on the server, we do take care of business when the time comes for business to be taken care of, and hold an excellent rep on our server for quality players.

Currently on the lookout for one or two core raiders and a few dedicated sub's who may only be available a few days per week (due to work/family obligations) but know their class and spec, etc.. etc..

Few requirements for guild acceptance:

1) functioning ventrilo
2) proven knowledge of class/spec
3) ability to follow directions of the raid leadership
4) not afraid to voice your opinion
5) must have an opinion
6) ability to accept random, scathing criticism about petty details.
7) ability to spot sarcasm when it's staring you in the face.
8) cognisant memories of life before the Clinton Administration

-we have put to rest 25-man raiding as of this past spring, not sure if we will bring it back or not. We're focusing on 10-man raiding for Cata, with a guild structure specifically to support it... We've fallen a little bit behind, and are playing catch-up... and would love to bring in a few (emphasis on few) key players.

What we are MOST interested in is the type of person who joins our guild. We've done the 85-100 member raiding guild thing in the past, and we're not going there again. We're a small, cohesive group, looking for just the right person(s) to fill our ranks.

Currently raiding Pacific-Prime/Late-night EastCoast... Server is Central Time, our raids start around Midnight-Server.

personality counts... because we're tired of 'putting up' with people we wouldn't normally spend time with JUST to keep the raiding ranks full... if you are too... Come by our website and fill out an app... or drop me a message ingame on the character KRIVOKLAT

our recruiting needs are on our website, however, we have enough ALTS between us where we could potentially work any toon you have into the rotation.



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