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Thread: [H] Blackhand <Bladesong> 10m Cataclysm Recruiting

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    [H] Blackhand <Bladesong> 10m Cataclysm Recruiting

    Greetings from Bladesong!

    Bladesong is recruiting! We raid Tues - Thurs from 7 to 10pm CST (Blackhand server time) with optional raids on Friday/Saturday for Alt raids/achievement runs etc.

    We are currently recruiting a tank for our main raid (dps off-spec would be nice) but are otherwise sitting pretty for Cataclysm. Full on Shaman.

    We also are accepting applications for social members that maybe can't always make all our raids, but will sometimes be around to fill in for our progressions raiders.

    We prioritize personality above all. And then, of course, are looking for people who have learned how to not stand in *insert bad effect here*.

    Who we are: Bladesong is founded by veteran players who have been raiding since MC was...ahem..."the Bomb". We are experienced, fun-loving raiders that, for one reason or another, can no longer commit to 5-6 day "Hardcore" raiding schedules. Despite a truncated raid schedule, we achieve success through maximum efficiency on our runs.

    Guild & Raid Atmosphere: Bladesong first & foremost loves smart, fun, witty people. At the same time, a lot of us enjoy pushing ourselves to continually improve. While we may banter back and forth a lot in raids, Bladesong has high performance expectations for our raiders. It is imperative that members come to a fight prepared with the available knowledge regarding whichever raid zone we're storming. We expect our raiders to learn new encounters quickly.

    What we've been up to while preparing for the Cataclysm:

    ICC - We are 12/12 Normal & 8/12 Heroic.
    Ruby Sanctum-N 1/1

    Alt runs on the weekends along with hitting Vanilla/BC content working towards future Guild Achievements.

    Application info:

    More information on can be found at www.bladesongguild.com (including instructions for applications) or you can PM Minnaura here at TankSpot if you have any questions (I'm here for a while most evenings though I'm a just a lurker & not a poster). We strive for excellence in applicants to join our selective and motivated team. Applications are pored over very thoroughly, but we will be in touch with you as soon as we can after the application is received.
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