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Thread: So we should use slow weapons now?

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    Yeah thats what I am seeing the equations sort of dumb down to this

    DPS = A(White damage of weapon) + B(Group of attacks adjusted by only attack power) + C(Group of attacks adjust only by actual weapon damage)

    TPS = A(White damage of weapon) + B(Group of attacks adjusted by only attack power)*scale1 + C(Group of attacks adjust only by actual weapon damage)*scale2

    Given within any iLevel the white weapon damage is uniform A is dependant only on ilevel.
    Your weapon stats actually change your AP very little so group B is mostly dependant on your gear and vengance
    Group C (which for a tank is really just devastate) is the only one you can adjust stuff radically based solely on weapon and why I was seeing biggest shifts off it in sim.

    I am going to run haste into the equation because I have a nasty feeling that haste is going to make a massive difference and I need to look it up but from memory it's like 30-40 haste = 1%. It may well be more important than weapon in terms of dps and threat which I shudder at.

    EDIT: My concern is if this all pans out it makes us the most boring tank class (I should really say homogenized I guess to be politically correct) because it's hard to move values around radically without full gear changes. Pally and DK which I have done are alot more flexible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by swelt View Post
    I recognise your point and agree with most of what you say except I feel that you are unfairly playing down the value of devastate. Devastate has a +20% crit rate (sword and board + prime glyph), no cooldown, a chance to proc a shield slam and a bonus threat mod. It's used at the critical opening part of the fight where threat is most likely to be an issue and subsequently we should be looking to use it on any global when our higher threat abilities are on cooldown. So while it's true to say that it shouldn't be spammed, I think it's disingenuous to dismiss it.
    Couldn't agree more. It's our only non-cooldown ability which makes it more important and unique. Plus it hits like a dumptruck. It's a great ability.

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