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Thread: PROT pally

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    PROT pally

    I was wondering about the new stats in the game. I noticed the new mastery system, and that the DEF stat was removed as well. I wondering what stats I should really concentrate on?
    I concentrated on dodge, parry, and HP before the release of the patch 4.0.1, but I never had much hit rating aside from what my gear already had on it.
    Should I reforge my gear and drop the hit rating for mastery?

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    From what I can tell in a general sense, there really isn't a point to reforging for mastery on any class or spec; its baseline effect seems to be strong enough at level 80.

    My own prot warrior seems to have plenty of avoidance without gemming for it, so I'd stick with stacking stam, personally.

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    I was over hit cap so I reforged my helm's hit to master 29 mastery rating is .63 Mastery. I stacked stam unless it was to activate my meta in which i placed a 10 str and 15 stam gem to do that. I have noticed that we dont mitigate as much damage as we used to Im still trying to figure out the best spec. I will make another post about what my spec ideas are.

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