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Thread: Prot paladin rotation.

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    Prot paladin rotation.

    Right, I've been trying out various different rotations, taking note of how much damage my skills do.
    I was quite surprised to see Hammer of the Righteous do a little more damage than Crusader Strike. Assuming a raid situation, both get buffed by about 8% by various raid debuffs, so Hammer of the Righteous is currently the way to go.

    Unglyphed Avenger's Shield does more damage then glyphed Consecration, which does more damage then Holy Wrath.

    So, the ideal rotation would be Hammer, Judgement, Hammer, Filler, Hammer, Shield. This rotation is repeated, the filler consists of Avenger's shield, Consecration, Holy Wrath. In single target situations, use them in that order of priority. For AoE, swap Consecration and Avenger's shield around. Holy wrath doesn't do enough damage to make a difference once it's split over more then three mobs, so Avenger's shield wins out over it.

    When pulling, it's probably best to pull with Avenger's shield, then Hammer, Shield, and start the rotation as given. The first filler there would be Consecration, and depending on your dps, the casting of consecration would be the best moment to start AoE.

    Some additions that may cause extra testing to be required for completely correct results.
    First of all, I'm using 2p t10. It increases Hammer damage by 20%, and more then explains the increased damage that it did for me.
    Secondly, I can't find a good source as to how attack power affects Hammer or Crusader Strike. I'm inclined to believe that it affects Crusader strike more then Hammer, so at high vengeance stacks (another unknown mechanic - I don't know how the attack power decays yet), Crusader strike will probably become stronger then Hammer.
    The third thing I forgot to consider is weapon speed. How are these two skills normalized?

    Untill those three questions are answered, I think it's a bit better to use Crusader Strike instead of Hammer during single target fights, but I fully expect the difference to be kinda small for people with 2p t10.

    I've been thinking about macroes to use. The first I tried was...
    /castsequence reset=combat Hammer, Judgement, Hammer, Hammer, Shield, Hammer.
    This one for some reason only cast one hammer between the Judgement and the Shield, so I couldn't use it.

    The second macro I used was
    /castsequence reset=combat Hammer, Judgement.
    This macro brings the whole rotation very close to the two old 969 macros. Use this macro and Crusader Strike (or Hammer) alternatly. When the macro is on cooldown, use one of the filler spells instead.

    I found that Avenger's shield is available a lot of the time - it refreshes often. Holy Wrath is very weak at the moment, but Consecration isn't. I was using the Consecration glyph (thinking I could use a rotation for it - Avenger's shield, Holy Wrath, Consecration, Holy Wrath, repeat), but Avenger's shield is far more powerfull then your other options, and you'll be using it so often that Holy Wrath and Consecration sit unused a lot of the time, so the Consecration glyph may not be ideal - for single target fights, the Avenger's Shield glyph is probably better.

    - Tests were done at my gear levels (full 277), results may differ at lower gear levels.
    - I expect there will be a quick damage modification done on Crusader Strike and Hammer of the Righteous.
    - My testing was short but consistent - more testing should be done.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kahmal
    ...there is no true progression for a casual anymore, just hand outs.

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    You know, i do not know the whole mechanics of a lot of wow...i just know what rotations work and what does good in certain situations and so forth...so i find tank spot intimidating sometimes and great in the same aspect...that being said...

    I noticed that when i was tanking (pally of course) in some random heroics...that i was having some major threat issues sometimes...other times where fine...

    I used basically the same rotation as yours Hammer, Judgement, Hammer, Filler, Hammer, Shield, although i used a lot more Avengers shield (which ICE hud lets you know quite prominitely that it is available) as well as Shield of Righteous when i had 3 holy power...but seriously...i had some threat issue...before i was fine and never had to worry about anything really...now i have to constantly check it...

    didnt know if anyone had that issue yet or not...

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    I haven't done any heroics yet, and my DK cotank was doing insane amounts of tps during trash, so I'm not completely sure.

    I think the Avenger's Shield graphic is base wow, by the way - I don't have icehud, but I got the pretty warning a lot.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kahmal
    ...there is no true progression for a casual anymore, just hand outs.

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    lol you know I had my rotation down, but I watched this for any additional insight I could score. I was GLAD I did, I didn't gain much in the way of insight, but this had to be one of the more entertaining videos I've watched that wasn't a comedy video.
    This was really good info, but at the same time I got a lot of chuckles from the commentary and you know because of that, you're probably looking at a whole lot more people taking the info in just cause of that fact.
    Good stuff
    The most stressful, yet provides the most gratification..
    Tanking <3

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