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Thread: [4.0.1] AOE tanking warrior talents & glyphs

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    [4.0.1] AOE tanking warrior talents & glyphs

    Can someone help me a bit with finding a nice AOE (for instances, not raids) tanking in 4.0.1 for mine warrior?

    Also, what glyphs would be nice to have?

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    Not sure if this is gonna work or not because I'm a raid tank.

    Glyph choices for Major/Minor are entirely up to you as I've chosen the ones that I think fit "best" with AoE tanking.

    Hold the Line seems to be a bit of a Floater point you could just put it into Shield Spec for more Rage.

    As for using the build I think the key is using Thunder Clap alot because we are taking Blood & Thunder and Thunderstruck. But do not forget the standard Prot rotation, Shield slam hits incredibly hard now especially when Shield Block is up.

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    It's going to be hard to find anything that's going to make you an effective AoE tank. Blizzard is trying to pull away from Mob tanking, and being Crowd Control Back. Which is why they MAJORLY nerfed our Thunder Clap. Pre Patch I was doing about 4000+ on the closest targets, with thunder clap... And Now Im doing about 400. It was done that way by design. So I really dont think any build, or glyph set up is going to get you back to the same place with AoE tanking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaitochi View Post
    Just a suggestion, move 1pt from Vigilance to 2/2 Hold the Line. Don't need Vigilance in 5mans, but the extra 10% crit from HtL helps with AoE abilities. Also suggest Glyphs of Resonating Power and Thunderclap since TC will get a lot of use for the Blood & Thunder and Thunderstruck buffs. 5/0/31

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