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Thread: Question while we wait

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    Question while we wait

    At least blizzard didn't tell us they would keep us updated about when the servers are coming up and they just keep delaying it for 2 more hours! I want it right but GOSH!

    Anyhow my question: Did leveling go in with this patch? Not the 80-85 lvling, but the improvements they made to lvling.

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    Standard major patch day. Anyone who's been around longer than just Wrath knows how it works.

    As far as what's in 4.0: Class changes, 31-point talent trees, NO world changes, no new content, items are changed, stats are changed, UI changes for Cata, no new race/class combos, no new quests/leveling. New questing/leveling is tied to the new map, which comes with the next pre-Cata patch.

    4.0.3 (probably next month sometime) will bring everything that's in beta except the 80-85+endgame content and the new races. Then those last things are added on Dec 7th with Cata release.

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