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Thread: ArP Gem Replacement?

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    ArP Gem Replacement?

    Hey everyone

    I just recently got into doing some PvP. Mostly BG's however lately I've become rather addicted to Arenas and am having a great time with it. However with the new patch hitting today I will need to replace all of those ArP gems I had been using for my PvP and DPS sets. I am currently using an Arms Warrior so I am wondering what gems I should replace them with or I guess you could say stack. I was thinking either Strength or Agility but am not exactly sure which will be best. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
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    umm, agility is a NO, you stack str.

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    Yeah.. def strength although I've heard some people have luck with haste..

    I went strength and after the re-balancing they did yesterday I'm doing really well again. Feels a lot like it did with ArP.

    Looks like a lot of warriors are stacking res gems now that they've buffed it. Getting close to 75% damage reduction apparently.
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