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Thread: Arms in 4.0 build and rotation

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    Arms in 4.0 build and rotation

    Had a quick go at my arms setup last night and just a couple of issues

    are people now taking TC due to the new chance to rend all targets

    also i notice there is a new "hard" attack that uses 20 rage does anyone know how viable this attack is and if its worth using

    in a random dungeon last night i found i was about -2k dps (usually around 5-6k without trying an i was struggling for 3.5k)

    is there anyway to turn off that cue next move i was finding it a real pain to catch my overpower procs due to this

    my whole arms rotation felt totally disjointed.
    im sure itll smooth out once i get use to it but if anyone has any tips they would be much appreciated

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    just spent the last hour or so scouring the net and it seems everything for arms points to colossus smash and not having that till 85 i feel like my worst fears are coming going to become fury for a while...cries

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    there's a thread about this in the DPS forum so check that out, closing this thread. but to answer your immediate questions.

    'strike' sucks as far as i can tell. meant purely to give leveling warriors a new move

    colossus smash is supposed to be our bread and butter move, especially since sudden death now procs that and not execute. but you don't get the move until level 81. So we basically lose execute out of our rotation, and gain nothing to replace it.

    you can turn off the abiilty cue by pressing esc (or whatever your blizz menu default is), interface, action bars, "secure ability toggle", turn it off.

    on the boss test dummy, after regemming (gah costly), and reforging for mastery after hit/exp caps, i was able to do about a consistent 5k dps on it. hopefully in raids this'll go up, but that's still really abyssmal compared to pre-patch and the casters in ICC who are doing 17k+

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