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Thread: Am I Geared for ICC?

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    Am I Geared for ICC?

    I've kinda just been running heroics grabbing random gear here and there as I go. My main concern is am I geared enough to do ICC? 10 or 25. And if not, what changes need to be made?

    ^My Armory.

    Ill check back on this frequently in hope of a helpful response, constructive criticism is nice!

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    Short answer: Yep. People expect outrageous gear for ICC, but that's just because they need to be carried by gear.

    Long answer: All that PvP gear should really be replaced as soon as possible. Even if it's pretty good, raiding is a social environment where perception overrides reality most of the time, and if people are looking for something to blame or nitpick, the "nub DK in pvp gear lol" will be a fine target.

    Ick's Thumb is, well, pretty icky. Try getting your professions maxed out for those bonuses, too. They're a good bonus and there's the perception aspect again.

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    You could probably tank the first 2/3 of ICC OK, but people aren't likely to want to trust your tanking, perception-wise. You're wearing a lot of dps gear and PvP gear, which will make people not want to trust your tanking. Your avoidance is really low, so you'll take damage spikes more often than most tanks, making you harder to heal. If I were you, I'd just wait until the expansion comes out and start tanking more then. If you really want to now, I'd go on a Heroic spree and pick up some tanking gear to replace your PvP and dps gear. Also, I'd reforge the crit on all your dps gear to a more tanking type stat, like Parry or Mastery.
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