Imperative is a prestigious guild on the Zul'jin-US server. The guild began in early December last year with the intent of being nationally competitive in multiple spheres of World of Warcraft while simultaneously maintaining a lighter raiding schedule.

Imperative consists of two teams operating under the same guild tag: Critical, our reputable 25man PvE raiding team and Vital, our Cataclysm rated battlegrounds team. The two teams operate independently of each other in order to maintain extremely high standards on both teams.

PvE Progression
- Heroic Lich King - #55 US
- Heroic Halion - #70 US

- Sunday/Monday from 7:30pm-Midnight EST


... Isn't Cataclysm months away?
Yes. Cataclysm's release date was announced to be December 7th, with the battleground and arena season beginning December 14th. In order to have a cohesive team ready to go shortly after the season begins, we're opening recruitment now. We expect to have selected the initial team members by the end of October and start our normal schedule on November 13th. It is unlikely that we will accept any applications before October 19th.

Can I be a part of both Critical and Vital?
Yes. However, there is a separate application process for each team. In addition, attendance and performance requirements will be enforced on both teams. Should you be removed from one team, you won't necessarily be removed from the other. Please note that both teams are very selective.

If I'm on Vital, do I get to go on PvE raids?
You are not extended a raid spot without going through Critical's separate application process. We are not going to hand you PvE gear just so you can compete in PvP. Vital members will be participating in 10-man content on a separate schedule to get the gear that they need.

What do you look for in applicants?
Vital applicants should be extremely skilled gamers that have participated in PvP content within multiple games. They should have a professional attitude that they can maintain during high-stress situations. Ideally, they have significant battleground experience and multiple arena teams and characters above 2000 rating. Because Battlegrounds put more emphasis on the team and less on the individual, candidates must be able to work with others as a team for extended periods of time. We will not accept PvP-pricks.

What's the expected size of Vital's team? What bracket will you mostly participate in?
Vital is aiming to have a roster size of about 19-21 players. We expect to mostly participate in the 15v15 battleground bracket. If we ever have a bad roster composition for a night or do not have enough to field a full 15v15 team, we'll downsize to 10v10 for the evening. We expect all members to be flexible with the battleground bracket choices.

Does Vital have a minimum attendance?
Yes. Vital requires 90% minimum attendance, essentially missing one timeslot every 5 weeks. If you fall below 90% attendance for more than a 10-week span, your team spot will be in jeopardy.

How will Vital evaluate performance? What if I'm a better PvP'er than the leaders?
Vital will be recording all 9 hours of regularly scheduled battleground time. We expect to go over the footage on both an individual and group basis over the course of the week. Candidates must be able to accept criticism on a weekly basis from players whom they view as "inferior" and "less skilled." The officers are by no means "the world's best" or even "good" PvP'ers - we're simply good managers trying to field a team for a greater goal.

How do I apply? Who do I contact if I have more questions?
Go to to apply. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Blacksen, Faux, or Quedar through our website or in-game.