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Thread: Dk Tank Questions Help

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    Dk Tank Questions Help

    Hello , A few questions i have about DK Tanking .
    Here's my DK and Spec , im using very similar specs atm only diff. ones for raiding mostly .

    My main problem is bigger pack's of mobs and handling all of them .
    I usually start of with this rotation . DnD , IT , PS , Pest. then il Blood Tap to be able to use BB . Once i open up with this all my runes are on CD so my problem is when people start Aoe Real quick or select diff. targets il lose aggro on a few mobs . I was just wondering if there is something else i could do or do diff. I know my gear could use some upgrading also and most of the times people who pull mobs of me will be 1000 GS higher than me . Any suggestions are appriciated and welcome . Thanks in advance

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    If you choose not to read guides (like the one in my signature), and have general questions about how to play stuff, I recommend making a post in this forum:

    Made just for that.

    I would also recommend waiting 48 hours and coming back if you still have issue. By all expectations, 4.0.1 is expected tomorrow which means a lot of this will change pretty dramatically. =)
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