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Thread: GC Wall of Blue Text on Hunters

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    GC Wall of Blue Text on Hunters

    So Survival is top DPS in the Beta and a real full hunter discussion.


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    not much there

    I was hoping for more.

    Like answers to these questions;
    Whats Agility = to? How much RAP, Armor, Damage, Crit?
    What are the caps? Crit, Dodge, RAP, Hit?
    What doesn't each spec build off of? Bm = Stam / Agil, Sv = Agil / Str, MM= Agil / Sprt?

    Since ArP is gone and turns into either crit or haste depending on the gear...which is better for which talent build? Is MM crit based while SV and BM haste based, or vise versa???

    I know they said, all pets will do the same dps, there is no "wolf or die", but they then destroyed that intent by saying, each pet will bring its own raid buff...which means once again to raid I MUST have a X. You know there will be one pet all Hunters must bring or they are huntards.

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    Agility = 1 RAP, 2 Armor, + very low amount of crit rating, as usual
    Caps: still the same as now
    Strength & Spirit? It's a power change, not a complete class rebuild!

    Atm it seems that BM = Crit/AP, MM = Crit/Haste, Surv = bit of everything (mostly Agi/Haste)

    On pets and raid buffs: What he's trying to say is that nearly every pet does the same base DPS, but a lot of them also bring along one raid buff. Because you can change between up to 5 pets in an instance, you can always bring the pet the boss needs (e.g. a sunder armor pet when it's a DPS burn boss, a demo shout pet if it's a tank survival boss, ...) it basicly allows you to bring other buffs without losing DPS from your pet (as long as it's within the same pet tree family ofc, guessing the different pet talents will have an effect on the total DPS it does)
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    On 4.0.x patch agility changes to 2 (r)AP, 0 Armor and a low amount of crit rating because attackpower will removed almost entirely.

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    1 Agi will be worth about 0.015% crit in 4.0.1 and beyond, at the moment.

    As for pet versatility, if you are in a 25-man raid it is unlikely you will need to bring a pet for a buff unless your raid is a large group of friends who all shun a handful of major class/specs. In 10-mans it is more likely that you may *want* to bring a specific raid buff, but many of them will be available through more than one sort of pet, and you do not *have* to bring that buff. Unless you want to play the victim...

    It seems like you were looking for GC to clarify theorycrafting for you, iJax?

    (also note that most of this was as Hunters were being implemented on the beta over the last 4 months...)
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