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Thread: Blackwing Descent - Maloriak 10 Man - Catacylsm Beta

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    Blackwing Descent - Maloriak 10 Man - Catacylsm Beta

    This was a very fun fight with different elements. I probably missed a fact or 2 not sure. But what you see in the video is how we did it. Honestly you can do the adds in different ways but we found having the most adds available for Green Vial was best.

    Also if you have the dps and the stuns and CD for the OT. You can literally interrupt every cast of his and let all the adds out at once at 20%. Pop lust and burn the boss while tank kites/stuns the adds with help of mage and boomkin. We got him down to 2% twice using the zerg method but failed. So we went with a more civilized strat.

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    Atramedes Video coming with vocal commentary as we haven't downed it yet. Need more people not to stand in fires!

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    There it is for now hopefully downed by end of the day

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