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Thread: Hows my warrior?

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    Hows my warrior?

    I was wonderin guys what you think about my fury war any suggestion's changes i should make to have higher dps etc...

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    You should do the following:
    1. Fix your spec. Put 3 points in intensify rage. Take these 2 points from improved bloodrage. Unbridled wrath isn't great and you can put those 5 points into booming voice, piercing howl, heroic fury, or in commanding presence.

    2. Swap your ashen ring for the agility version which is proven better for fury warriors.

    3. Change all of your non arp gems to arp. You want to maintain 722 Arp when using NES trinket. Stamina gems are not helpful at all and the strength gems should be arp until you are at 1400 arp and don't need more.

    4. Balance out your stats better with different gear-As a fury warrior you only need 164 hit and 26 expertise. Above these stats you miss out on more armor pen or crit. The gatecrashers gauntlets would be better gloves(or the leather ones off rotface) since they don't have hit. IF you want to maintain the 4 piece bonus you will need to get the T10 chest. Tosks wristgaurds off of saurfang would be better to balance your stats. Making shadows edge would help as well. Bryntoll is not an ideal weapon for fury. The 264 leather belt (vengeful noose) would be a smart purchase for you since it has no haste and lots of arp. Put a nighmare tear in your helm instead of the expertise gem to activate meta (since you will be replacing the stam gem). Replace the meta gem with the +21 agility version. The 245 throwing weapon has arp instead of hit and may be a better choice for now until you lower that hit to 164.

    5. Change your trinkets if you can. The war token isn't great for fury as haste is not an ideal stat. Even a lower level item such as banner of victory might be better. The trick is balancing out the stats. You should do icc10 to get the whispering fang skull or if you are lucky DBW from saurfang in icc25 would be ideal.

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    This should be in the halp! section, and I don't see anything really wrong with the advice above.
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