Hey all,

Was thinking in upgrading my hands slot getting Guatlets of the Kraken since i got the 60 emblems last night, but not sure if it will be better for my tank level saving for the cata chest for more armor and stam or getting another piece like shoulders.

I've been gemming and enchanting for stam and for some hit and expertise and defense that is lacking on my gear, and getting the hands seems to continue this gem/chant strategy and is a higher upgrade on the ilevel and gs and also losing less dodge and getting a good armor bonus.

For your info i'm eventually raiding with my guild in icc 10/25 and got another stam set with the brewfest trinket and the 264 icc bracers of dark reckoning that i use depending on other tank.

Anyone can help?

Here's the armory link with my actual armor set: