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Thread: Lk tanking: Gear and other help required

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    Lk tanking: Gear and other help required

    Hi all fellow Warrior Tanks,

    I am feeling a little discomfortable with my warrior concerning tanking
    Arthas 10 man (NH). I donít know if I am playing it wrong or if I can
    alter my gear / talents to make him more efficient.
    Unfortunaly I was really unlucky concerning T10 badgets to upgrade my T10
    to item level 264, not to think of 277. because I never got a badget so
    far (only Pala badget seem to drop). Anyway, I also have the emblem Hands
    (Gauntlets of the Kraken) in my bank as well as the crafted boots (boots
    of the kingly Upheaval). I hav also enough frost emblems to get another
    T10 item whatever you can suggest (Chest?, Shoulders?), but I think it is
    not whorthwhile.
    So any help you can offer me concerning gear / enchants / gems? I could
    change one violet gem to another blue +30 Stam, I know which would get me
    +6 Stam and -10 Parry. Useful?

    The tank setup for arthas is a pally tank for Arthas and me fort he adds
    by the way.
    Our problem still is espacially the Valkyrs, I think it is a lack of stuns
    or miscoordination. Any suggestion how to optimize (we have pally, rogue,
    enhancement shaman, warrior, two resto druids, holy priest, hunter, mage
    or warlock and either DK or shaodw priest).

    My armory link: (EU-Die Silberne Hand)


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    Looking at your armory, im njot seeing any critical issues with your current setup. You could switch our your emblem gloves for a lil more EH, and you could switch the purple gem in your belt to 30 stam, but these are very minor issues.

    If you are having issues with the valkyr, then its more than likely lack of dps or stuns/snares. With the setup you have it hsouldnt be a problem though, rogue stuns plus either a warrior tank or pally tank stunning (depending on if you one tank phase 2 or switch...etc), they should be dying well inside the edge of the platform. Make sure the raid is communicating in vent when the valkyr is coming out, make sure they are getting near the center of the platform, and make sure the dps are cranking their hearts out to bring them down.

    As a warrior myself if imnot meatshielding LK then il will be all over trhe valkyr, concussion blow, shockwave, charge, intercept all slow them down nicely. Even in a dire situation with no other snare i will hamstring. I really dont think your issue is a tanking one, id take a good look at how long the dps are taking to react to one of their fellow raiders being picked up by the valkyr.

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