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Thread: Extremely bad dpsing Help required

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    Extremely bad dpsing Help required

    I do not play my dk very much so am unfamiliar with everything again. Looking for help in raising my dps 2146 on the scale sucks. My lvl 33 priest heals for more that. I have linked my armory below pleaase help me with this problem.

    my rotation is IT, PS, PEST, BB, HS, OB, FS, HB. If there is 1 better please let me know this as well.


    Like I stated ubove don't play my dk much so any help is welcomed. I know I need gemming and enchants.


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    Well first thing is you're using a 2 hander in a dual wield spec.

    Beyond that, though, you're using mostly ilvl 200 gear. 2.1k dps is about what people were doing back in Naxx with their ilvl 200 gear, so you aren't that far off the mark.

    But yeah, you needs some one handers to dual wield with.
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    More Howling Blast, more Obliterate; keep diseases up; liberal use of DnD. There's kind of not really a rotation these days, more priority system.

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    First of, your Hit stat is way to low. You're probably missing a ton. I also noticed in the rotation you posted that you said you hit HS (heart strike) which shouldn't be part of your DPS rotation since HS is in Blood and Blood spec is 'tank only' since 4.0.1. Your gear is a mix of dps and tank (dps have no reason to have such a high parry/dodge). Concentrate on getting your Hit up to cap and switch your actual dps spec to either 2 handed or pick yourself up two one-handers and enjoy dual-wielding. Happy Gaming!

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    1. You're in mostly tank gear. You need DPS gear.

    2. Your major glyphs are all empty. It's likely that your prime are too. You need the right glyphs.

    3. You need a spec that matches your weapon (either get MotFW or get 2 1handers).

    4. You need a better "rotation" for DPS. There are guides to this, but in general for Frost:
    a) Apply diseases with Glyphed Howling Blast and Plague Strike.
    b) Obliterate if you have runes that allow it.
    c) Blood strike if have blood runes (not death) available.
    d) Use FS to bleed off RP.
    e) Use your cooldowns (Pillar of Frost, Ghoul).

    5. Know your specials hit cap and achieve it. For dual wield, it's 154. For 2 handers, it's 246.

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    Here's a guide not directly related to death knights, but it will help your dps in general, even with a wrong rotation.

    Here is a guide for your rotation


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    Thank you for the feedback. I have changed my glyphs spec and rotation and this has helped considerably. I think as I renew her gear with DPS gear, gems and Enchants she will be right on par. Then i'll go back to getting her ready for tanking (when and if I decide to play her as a serious character).
    Again thank you all!!

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    make sure you're tank has high aggro before you do you're howling blast....

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    Lies .. we aren't nice to tanks here :-)

    You howling blast as your first opener .. if the tank fails ... you go through your two CD shields and it will all be dead by then.
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