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Thread: Prot Paladin - Tree help

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    Prot Paladin - Tree help

    Hi there

    I just started raiding on my Paladin, and because I love tanking on my warrior so much I thought I could continue on my Paladin, especially since I don't enjoy melee dps or healing. Anyway if I could get some advice on the best WotLK prot tree that would be great. I'd like to have some raiding done on this toon before Cata is released.
    Link to Pally armoury page below.

    Thank you

    P.s. I know the tree has quite a few points way off, just haven't gotten around to changing it yet cause I have been leveling professions on other characters as well as getting epic flying on all my level 80 toons.
    Thank you again.
    P.P.s. I also realize that with the impending release of patch 4.0.1 the information provided to me here may become null, at which point I may ask for help again.
    Thank you again again.
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    Basic cookie cutter spec for ICC tanking is http://talent.mmo-champion.com/?pala...7,rHa3e-,10192

    The glyph of righteous defense assumes you are doing tank swap sensitive fights iff you arent feel free to use something else.

    STOP matching sockets unless the socket bonus is over 9 stam .. you gem stam everywhere except 1 purple agi/stam gem to light up you meta. And you dont gem defense unless you are under cap 540.
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