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Thread: Can I stack 2 of the heirloom haste trinks?

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    Can I stack 2 of the heirloom haste trinks?


    I saw a twink with 2 of it, and thought about getting it for a twink hunter, but I wanna be sure it stacks before I blow 50 emblems.
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    Yes you can stack them.

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    Stacks in what way?

    I've used two of them on some of my toons, and you can equip two. I don't know if the health back thing works - I never payed that much attention.
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    Generally speaking when two trinkets have the same proc effect, those procs share an internal cooldown with one another preventing both from being uses. Like PvP trinkets with the same effect. However so long as the items themselves are not unique or unique-equiped you can still benefit from the equip bonuses of both the items.
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