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Thread: [A] <Judgement> Limited Recruitment for Cataclysm

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    [A] <Judgement> Limited Recruitment for Cataclysm

    About Judgement:

    Judgement was formed the first day the Cairne server became available and to this day we still have members from the very beginning of the guild. We pride ourselves on our ability to maintain a level of progression which keeps pace with the wants of our members, while we still place the utmost importance on our lives outside the game. We consider ourselves to be a casual guild that gets things done. While we may not be getting server firsts or every achievement, we do not waste away in Dalaran each night either. When we are raiding we don’t waste each others time.

    Cairne Server
    Emberstorm Battlegroup
    Central Time Zone


    • ICC 10: 12/12
    • Heroic ICC10: 9/12
    • ICC 25: 12/12
    • Heroic ICC25: 2/12
    • Ruby Sanctum: 1/1
    • Heroic Ruby Sanctum: 0/1

    What we are recruiting:

    • Healers (2-3)
    o All classes

    • Tanks (1-2)
    o All classes

    • DPS (4-5)
    o Shadow Priest
    o Rogue (Any Raiding Spec)
    o Feral Druid (Kitty)
    o Enhance Shaman
    o Mage
    o Other exceptional DPS applications will be considered

    • What does recruitment for Cata entail?
    o We are recruiting for these specific spots so that when Cataclysm hits we are able to level at a reasonable pace, then go right back into raiding. We are looking for people that will contribute some now, and remain for the long haul. WE ARE NOT looking for raiders to give a home til Cata drops and then leave.

    Raiding Schedule:

    • Sunday: Free
    • Monday: Free (Had been a raid night until recently, will return as a scheduled 25 man raid night in Cata, 8-10:30)
    • Tuesday: Free (10s)
    • Wednesday: Free
    • Thursday: 25s 8-10:30
    • Friday: 25s 8-11
    • Saturday: Free (10s)

    Current 25 man raids are on Thursday and Friday, with guild run 10 mans, which are not required to be in attendance for, on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

    Raider Expectations:

    • Personality
    o Above all, we look for a person who we feel would be a positive addition to the guild. Gear can be improved, we look at the person behind the player.

    • We expect you to have an understanding of your class.
    o Players are here to help out, but you must be able to research and come to conclusions about your class/spec without hand holding.

    • We expect at least 60% raid attendance.
    o If attendance drops below this, you will be demoted. If low attendance occurs for more than one month, you can lose your raid spot/guild membership.
    o Additionally, if your character is inactive for more than 21 days without previous notice to an Officer, the character will be removed from the guild.

    • We expect an average performance.
    o If you are consistently under performing for your gear/experience level, we will request you look into the source of the problem. If you are unable to fix this even with the help of others, you may lose your raid spot.

    Applications can be submitted via our website at:


    If you have any questions about <Judgement>, feel free to contact an Officer in-game: Ryleras, Janne, Notanolog, Tychor, Tarnvedran, or Whiteprince
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