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Thread: DK Help Request (Quite a bit needed)

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    DK Help Request (Quite a bit needed)

    First off [Here Is My Character].

    Main Spec: Tanking
    Off Spec: DPS (For Raiding, this is not what I'm worried about the most seeing as I'm aiming to go into Tanking for Raids -- Just don't have the gear yet)

    • Talent Tree (I need one for 4.0 mostly seeing as I'm still trying to learn how to understand the game mechanics)
    • Gear Upgrades via Emblems/Rep/Heroics
    • UI Changes (I would show you my UI but I'm at school so a screenshot isn't exactly obtainable)
    • General and Death Knight Tanking Tips (Any that you have, I'll see if I can grab a video of me tanking a heroic or two so you can see what I do and what I don't do)

    Talent Tree

    As of now my talents seem to be working out pretty well but I can't really find anything for 4.0. I'm thinking this will be my best bet [Unless You Have Something Better]

    Gear Upgrades

    So with 4.0 coming out I believe defense rating is leaving th math so that means (From what I was told) I'll be trying to stack a lot of Parry. With this in mind what should I be doing to get ready for 4.0 so I don't go in screwed and not being able to tank. So basically what gear is going to keep me from going into a random and getting seriously owned.

    I don't mind the hectic farming of emblems before they get taken out -- This means that I'll probably be grabbing tabards from every place that the tabard gives rep from so rep gear/enchants could be counted as well.

    So a to-do list would be nice, for example "Farm random heroics and try and obtain {x} which can be found in {y}, as for the rep you will want to do {z} ({item}), then {xy}({item}), {xz}({item}), {etc}"

    The UI

    The Interface isn't much of a big deal, but any suggestions on what could be done, macro wise as well. I still need to find a good target of my target macro because at some points when there are 10 mobs it's not really possible for me to find the right one in time.

    Manly a way to tell what cooldowns are almost done, what my Threat gen is, what my DPS is, and a way to see more of the screen rather than a lot of the map and icons that tell me what buffs I have. So I'm thinking Recount and Omen, what else?


    Any tips really, I'll grab you a video -- In hopes that my computer can handle it.

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    DK Help Request (Quite a bit needed)

    I'm sorry if this comes across as unhelpful, but... When I read your post all I can think of is the SNL skit about the IT guy who always gets frustrated helping people and yells "Move!"

    By that, I mean my first internal reply was, "Do you want me to play it for you too?"

    If you have specific questions, it helps a lot. To answer everything you have asked would require a book...which has already been authored, thankfully. Check this very site for the DK guide by Satorri. Grab a snack and a blanket because it's a long read that's well worth it.

    As to cata, enjoy the time you have before that. Still have plenty of time to gear up and get some experience. There are already gear guides and pick orders in threads on this site. A good one called gearing your tank in lfd (or something very like that) is worth your time to review.

    As for macros, I would macro rune strike to IT, PS, and your signature strike(s), heart strike or oblit, frost strike, HB.

    As for target of target...don't bother. As often as not, the mob aggro'ing the other person is not one they are targeting but rather general AoE or healing aggro.

    Tidy Plates
    Tidy Plates: Threat Plates (requires the base Tidy Plates)
    Who Taunted (preference)
    DXE or DBM
    "he doens't need healing, he doesn't need healing, he doesn't nee-WHAOSHIT!wtf was that man!". Please stop leaning on TDR. -Teng

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    Thanks Sifu, and no -- I just wanted advice is all and I'll take a look at Satorri's guide.

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    I am not sure why you are worried about your current gear for cata? Some of the early quest lines give level 272 green items on beta you pretty well bet you are going to be wearing new greens as opposed to old purples.

    If you are talking about tanking for the next 4 months you really need to go and read DK tanking sticky because you are really going to struggle in your current form.
    ** Remember Warcraft players fail in directions you never thought possible.

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