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Thread: Wtf is up with..........

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    Wtf is up with..........

    What the hell is up with helmet head and that chick posting vid's like ppl give a shit?
    Where is the old tankspot that ppl used to know and love?
    Why has this site let these ppl run rampant?

    I used to come here to check out the video's and strats on kills, now i have to shuffle through pointless video's to find what i need. I really doubt the majority of Tankspot users give a shit about helmet heads week in warcraft. The jokes are lame, the content is pointless....hopefully this will change in Cata.

    I'm off to find another site that delivers what ppl want and hasn't strayed from what made is popular....if such a site exists. Forgive me if i've offended anyone who actually thinks these two jokers contribute anything to this site with those ghastly videos.

    Goodbye and goodluck in Cata.

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    Because there's so much new content to cover? All of the video guides are still in the Project Marmot forum, next time trying using the search function. Enjoy your permanent ban for being a douchebag.

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