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Thread: Server Recommendations

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    Server Recommendations

    So for the past week or so, I've been looking for a new home with a few friends of mine. We currently play on Feathermoon, but are not liking it there. We went over for some guildies, but we can't stand the lack of world PvP and the horrid PUGs there. Anyways, long story short, we're looking for a PvP or RP-PvP server with a fairly even Horde to Alliance population ratio, world PvP activity on both sides, and one where PUGs don't go 4/12 in ICC and call it a good night. Solo BG Qs of 10-15 minutes don't bother us too much as we plan on running mostly premades. We would prefer to go Horde, but would be willing to go Alliance if we can find a near perfect server to do it on. We are looking for a sizeable pool of people on said realm to work with for some serious rated BGing, fun in non-rated BGs, and plenty of World PvP; and of course, casual raiding on the side. I've tried doing alts on the realms and asking in trade, and posting threads on some realm forums that we were looking at. However, this ends up with nothing but flamming, sarcasm, and trolling. I figure TankSpot is the only place to really get reliable and true, honest information from.

    We'd be going over to start a PvP guild (won't go into details, don't want to break rules). Why does this matter? Well, because I want a server that doesn't already have a super awesome PvP guild on said faction, because we all want the PvPers in one place, joined, unified! At the same time, I don't want to go to a server where there would be no interest in a PvP guild or the people to choose from that would be interested are not of the quality to do some serious rated BGing.
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    Don't know the answer, but three thoughts:

    1. Battlegroup 9 servers used to be tops for pvp, I assume they still are, but not sure.

    2. Wowwiki.com has wiki pages on almost all the realms, I found alot of valuable info there that helped me decide what realm to transfer to 2 years ago.

    3. So does http://www.warcraftrealms.com/.


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    I just wanted to add that now is not an ideal time to switch being that many players are putting things on hold until cata. wowprogress.com is another site to look at as well.

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