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Thread: Death Knight Tanking

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carighan View Post
    And ofc since it is also a defensive timer the times when you can actually reap both uses out of it in one go are going to be uncommon. I'd say it's a utility glyph, allows you to use one of your defensive cooldowns as a threat-cooldown instead.
    So Blood DKs have:

    Bone Shield
    Vamp Blood
    Icebound Fortitude
    Anti Magic Shell
    Ghoul / Deathpact
    Rune Tap
    and Dancing Rune Weapon

    Everything on that list above Dancing Rune Weapon isn't subject to RNG. You do have more hp, take less damage, or obtain more healing. DRW could do a lot for you, but because it's a chance, it could also do absolutely nothing.

    I haven't done beta, but I am hard pressed to come up with a situation I were the developers intended for you to use all (4-7) cooldowns in 1.5 minutes. Because of this, unless a very specific situation demands it you could look at DRW as a threat / damage boost with a nice chance of increased parry. Rather then YAY Avoidance CD ... with some extra threat / damage.

    It would be awesome with ERW, but I mean you could also just Rune Strike a tad less on one pack (if it's nearly dead anyway) and start off with DRW when you engage the next pull since You'll likely have mroe then enough RP and have most of your runes reset.

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    New guide, she is up.

    The first portions anyway:
    The (Old) Book on Death Knight Tanking
    The New Testament on Death Knight Tanking
    Quote Originally Posted by Horacio View Post
    Who f-ing divided by zero?!?

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