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Thread: <Fortes in Unitate> Hyjal

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    <Fortes in Unitate> Hyjal

    Fortes in Unitate [H], otherwise known as Strength in Unity, will become a raiding guild when the Cataclysm expansion hits. The guild is a reformation of the old Fortes started at the end of Burning Crusade. We will be a group, a community, even a family of raiders who look to achieve the games challenges with a similar focus and attitude. Players will not only be the kind of people you'd hang out with in everyday life, but be, in a sense, your co-workers performing multiple tasks to achieve a common goal. We don't get paid to play this game and in such, require respect for all of our community's members who spend their hard earned money to play.

    As a guild we cleared:
    Mount Hyjal pre-nerf
    Black Temple pre-nerf
    Sunwell (Kalecgos/Brutallus) pre-nerf
    Naxxramas (Immortal)

    (We then disbanded after Ulduar and have decided to make our comeback)

    Raid Times: Tues/Wed 6:30-10PM (potentially an OCCASIONAL shortened raid on Sunday)

    We currently have approximately 15-17 raiders returning for the expansion, so we have a healthy core. Take your time with the application on our website, we legitimately are looking for good people that are willing to become great players as opposed to great players that aren't willing to be a good person.

    Register and apply at fortes.guildomatic.com.

    ---Only a couple of officer spots have been given so far, as I still will be looking for people who exemplify leadership characteristics to fill those spots. Please indicate on your application if you're interested.
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