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Thread: bad wipe

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    You've gotten some good advice, here, so I'll talk psychology.

    My confidence is a little shaken and I havent been back for a couple of days.
    Don't sweat it. Wipes and bad groups are an opportunity to improve--even when you do everything right, you learn some new tricks to protect the fail groups from themselves. Up to a certain level of ineptness or attitude (individual tolerance levels may vary ), I actually enjoy the odd fail group.

    Above all, PuG tanks need to grow a thick skin--people are quick to blame the tank for anything from party wipes to global warming. That being said, once in a while it will be your fault, and that's when you especially need to be able to shake it off, admit your mistake, corpse run, and avoid the mistake that wiped you, lest you become an elitist jerk, or, worse yet, just a jerk. But I bet you'll stay on the path of Light.

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    Lol you are right. I have jumped back in and have been doing well in my pugs. Everyone runs into a wall sometimes. I just needed to climb over it and face the next wall. Another thing that has helped a lot is I am telling the group to slow down and let me get set before dps. I still run into the occasional player who has a 5500k gs and jumps in before I establish good control, but nothing I cant overcome so far. Big thanks to everyone for the advice and be sure I will be back when I need more. Cheers!

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