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Thread: H ToC on a bear

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    H ToC on a bear


    I finally got around to getting a bear to 80 (I've had a warrior forever and a dk since just after the new dungeon finder) and I've spent the last two days happily hunting for gear in random heroics. Last night I did H ToC and we got archer, mage, rogue and I thought that was the worst possible combination for a bear. However I just got out of a ToC that was shaman, warrior, rogue and it was a disaster, for a completely unexpected reason.

    I was holding aggro OK, but every time the shaman'd get down to about half, he would just stop and heal up his entire party. The first time we were ready to pull I said something like "I only have one interrupt, help me with the heals if you can." We had a ... warrior and a 'lock maybe? After the first wipe, someone said "I'll help with interrupts." But he healed back up anyway.

    Is there anything I can do about the shaman that isn't totally obvious? Bash has too long a cooldown to be really effective. Depending on dps to be able to provide x ability when one is using the dungeon finder is ify at best. I could ... talent into improved bash I guess? 30 sec still isn't really enough with the way he heals.

    Thanks for any ideas you might have, B

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    I can't think of any class that can't help you lock that healer down. If your group wasn't willing to help you with that job it's not your fault.

    Let's see:
    Paladin - Hammer of justice, seal of justice. Prot? Avenger shield. Ret? Repentance.
    Deathknight - Ghul stun, mindfreeze, hungering cold, death grip, ...
    Druid - Bash, feral charge. Tauren? War stomp. Maybe cyclone?
    That list goes on and on and on. You can even fear them. And i've never bothered with it but i guess that regular crowd control spells like sap, sheep or a frost trap could work as well.

    You couldn't handle LK Phase 3, if there's no option for everyone*.

    *Night elf moonkin has some problems there.

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    It only becomes a problem in low DPS groups which really shouldnt be there anyhow .. one of LFD downsides. 1 Stun/silence should be enough and I am assuming you are taking down the healer first.

    I wouldn't worry about it sounds like a lack of DPS issue and if you had got palentress you would get smashed anyhow if your dps is that low.

    You were and are doing the right thing as a tank thinking how could I get this group through but there are groups that even with the best tank they are just so bad you can't get thru.
    ** Remember Warcraft players fail in directions you never thought possible.

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