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Thread: Valk's affect timers?

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    Valk's affect timers?

    I've been tossing around this thought for quite a while now, but I would love some feedback.

    The timer on call valk's doesn't reset until they die correct?

    And during the lich king encounter, The second valk/defile timers line up entirely.


    If you stall on killing the valks passed a certain point,

    Wouldn't there be a 2-4 second space between valk2 and defile2?

    Ive noticed that when my guild kills valks really fast, the valk2 timer lines up right with defile2.

    But when we slack and stun them at the edge and then burn them down, the timer is 2-4 seconds difference.

    Has anyone else noticed this/Does anyone else try and make this happen intentionally?

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    Quote Originally Posted by queentrin View Post
    The timer on call valk's doesn't reset until they die correct?
    Incorrect. The Lich King summons Valk'yrs approximately every 45 seconds.

    You can easily see this in any video. Just watch the boss mod timers. Jump to 4:30 timestamp on the video below. The Valk'yr timer is in red.

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