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Thread: Another 4.0.1 fury player confused!

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    Another 4.0.1 fury player confused!

    So here we go again. Another day, Another fool confused by his fury stats and what to do what why where and how.

    First up is http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sh...Co&cn=Griimjaw

    Alot of this CAN BE IGNORED - it seems it hasn't updated as of yet, but still all the principles remain the same.

    At the moment I'm following some simple rules but im still confused after seeing other people play around in different areas.

    as it stands my main stats are - 25.35% HIT, 8-9% Expertise, 9% Mastery, 580 Haste, 37% Crit
    __________________________________________________ ________

    First up - I'm attempting to Hard Cap HIT and the basis of this hardcapping has largely been on reforging all my CRIT on items into HIT.......My question there is - Is this a sensible thing to do? or should I be reforging some haste into hit? - at the moment im at 25% Hit with just reforging. I ask this simply because, another warrior in the guild is going all over the place, I.E on sanctified gear, reforging Haste into hit, all other gear Crit into Hit.

    This is where the next bit comes in.


    Im following the basic rule here of

    RED - 20+ Str
    YELLOW - 10+ Str+Crit
    BLUE - 10+ Hit + Str

    Again should i be doing anything differently here? Again i ask because i'm seeing people generally using 20+ hit gems in blues as standard, and other pieces......is the 27% cap really all that worth it? or should i be changing things around a little.

    infact...where the hell should i actually be going! this patch i have to say has confused the hell out of me in terms of stats and what not, i miss my ARP :/.

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    I forge Haste into Hit before Crit, but I find that it's more up to you. Haste increases your rage generation, if you don't have rage issues you should be fine without the extra Haste. I don't have rage issues as long as I use my shouts often. Going for the hard hit cap is what you should be doing.

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    First thing to get 27% hit, reforge crit to hit/Regem hit (27% HIT CAP IS A MUST)
    Now 26 expertise
    Now proper DPS priorities.

    Gem options,

    Red: Str
    Blue: Hit/haste, Hit/Str
    Yellow: Hit or Haste

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