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Thread: Questions about fire mage pvp

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    Questions about fire mage pvp

    So far I've been pvping in frost while I gain a decent amount of pvp gear, but I've considered the fire tree greatly. Now I'm deadset on going fire in cataclysm, but I'm curious about fire mage atm. I saw a video of this one mage, looked impressive, he's got a mix of wrath/relent gear, but one thing that eats at me is his spec. http://www.wowarmory.com/character-t...=Eternal+Flame

    Not calling it bad, but to me, 70 pts in one tree is a bit of a...red flag. First off, any good specs out there?(I've a general idea about glyphs already) Secondly, is the choice in which armor to use similar to that in frost (with ice armor vs melee and mage armor vs casters)?

    Oh and could I get away with fire before I'm fully geared in pvp or should I stay frost til then? I've always been interested in fire.
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    Re: Questions about fire mage pvp

    Have a look at this guy. Up to now the best firemage I've seen. http://www.warcraftmovies.com/movieview.php?id=146515

    If i remember correctly he even shows gear and skills during the intro.


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