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Thread: Unidentifiable Organ vs. Petrified Twilight Scale

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    Unidentifiable Organ vs. Petrified Twilight Scale

    A fellow tank in my guild are at a disagreement about these two trinkets and which is truly superior over the other.

    At the moment, it is a comparison between the Heroic Unidentifiable Organ vs. the normal Petrified Twilight Scale.

    I favor IO. He favors PTS.

    My argument is that IO has more uptime, and armor and stacking stamina is better than armor and a dodge proc.

    Interested in what Tankspot thinks about this.

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    Which fights do you base your liking on ?
    Marking targets, coordinating CC, and *most importantly*, pulling responsibly so that 9 elites didn't rush us and wipe the party, this Is something I have missed since nov 08.

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    This has been covered before.

    Both are good trinkets, and despite tanks not really liking dodge, 733 dodge rating is a crapton of dodge. That being said, the UO's uptime is subject to the fight, and the incoming damage.

    On one fight the UO will be superior, on another the PTS will be. The uptime on UO is suspect on tank-swap fights and fights where there is a lot of boss casting.
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