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Thread: Targets targets default settings

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    Targets targets default settings

    hi guys

    im a protection warrior and did my hc dungeons, now the gear is good enough to raid a bit,
    but, how and where can i find the settings to use, so i can see in battle what the MT debuufs are so i can taunt the boss off him at the right time.

    or is it possible to explain it to me what i must do in battle, ( example should i hoover on MT ( or OT ) with my mousse or not )

    because tank raiding is hard if you dont know where to look correctly
    thnx in advance

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    Honestly, I have found tanking to be easy compared to when I try to DPS. That could just be because I tank primarily and thus I approach each encounter thinking like a tank. However, its a real pain in the butt trying to constantly focus on target's target. There are a couple of addons that are practically a must-have if you intend to raid, IMHO. Deadly Boss Mods is one of these. DBM will tell you in your chatbox and across your screen about things to watch out for. For example, it will tell you when bosses are using special abilities and on whom, it will tell you when to move out of damage areas like slime pools and fire. It will also announce stacking debuffs as well. It won't necessarily tell you when to taunt specifically, but that is something your group will decide ahead of time. All in all, pretty much everyone should have DBM.

    Additionally, having a threat meter like Omen, is also a good idea. That way, when you ARE taunting back and forth from an MT, you can see where your threat level is, and can control it accordingly. Additionally, I find it useful to pinpoint when others are NOT controlling their threat. (Not that this should be a constant issue, but there's one in every crowd.)

    Finally, it never hurts to study up on the fights. Tankspot has some great videos for doing just that. You are already ahead of the game if you can walk into your raid already having an idea of what the boss is, and what they will do, and what will need to happen.

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    All you need is a good interface addon like LUI.

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    I use pitbull unitframes and I have it setup to show targets target up top of screen and within the settings are some to let you alter the size of the buffs it shows around the frames. This is set to show debuffs much larger so it sticks out. Does what you are looking for I think.

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