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Thread: Aliena's Week in Warcraft (Episode 7)

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    Aliena's Week in Warcraft (Episode 7)

    http://www.wowhead.com/blog=168595 Battle for Gilneas preview
    http://www.wowhead.com/blog=168690 PowerPC Mac support removed

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    I really could have used that fan in the background today...

    With that out of the way, time to get stuff said! The point conversion seems to be a hot topic on these forums, and many others. Personally, I'm going to spend my frost on saronites and sell them for gold before the conversion. I'll let my triumph emblems go to the points, however. I just like the point system in general, it cleans up a lot of clutter in the currency tab, and makes buying gems less of a pain I hope.

    Very neat that they're going to make players require more hit as new content is released. It helps balance out the stats on gear, and also makes it feel like you're really building your character up to kill a boss that's supposed to be more of a challenge than the last.

    The faction change thing happened to my mage on beta... it's pretty damn funny!

    By the way, the car interrupting you was pro! Just goes to show you that if you don't forget your lines, something outside will make it happen anyway.
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    I noticed they only just had the 1 level of currency on the PTR and that was Conquest Points. Wouldn't it make more sense for them to convert Frost into Justice to keep them at a higher value for the top end gear since the Justice Points are supposed to represent the current tier of gear? Otherwise this is going to make it even easier to get gear because everyone can farm up the Conquest Points from heroics and get straight 251's and some 264 gear. Not that I have an issue with that because at the current frame in time I am leveling an alt and it would be nice to jump straight into 251 gear when I get him to 80.

    Otherwise, I like the simplification of the marks system, however I just hope that the rewards from boss kills in dungeons and raids is decent enough but not so high that players can farm up all the new heroics in Cataclysm and be able to buy half their Tier 11 set. I had something like 6000 Conquest points last time I was on the PTR though and hopefully gear doesn't cost an insane number of points.

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