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Thread: Is this a good tanking template for a fresh 80 Warrior?

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    Is this a good tanking template for a fresh 80 Warrior?

    Hey guys, I've been doing some looking around and such, and I tried my best to make a simple template for a tank that hit 80 recently.

    Now I know I will have some holes in my template, so I just wanted to post it here and see what people thought of it, feel free to correct anything I may have incorrectly labeled in the template.

    Also, I realize I put 2 badge of frost items in the template, which may be unreasonable, any suggestion on which to hold on to and which to get from a slot elsewhere (it's a trinket and my cloak in the template) would be most appreciated.


    My plan is to have a setup like this within just a few short days, so I can go into Cata and be in great condition to play as a Protection warrior with this gear as long as I can.

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    Its very nice, gem with + stam or + hit rating. stam would be great becouse its 35k min stam for ICC10 I think

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    Yes, that's the good pre-raid stuff - nice compliation! It's probably more a fun project as it won't last you long in Cata, I gather. If a person does not have frost emblems, the PVP cloak (wrathful) may be the best easy to get alternative. Brewfest trinkets are very good starter trinkets for new tanks hitting 75+ now.

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