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Thread: Druid tank question on hit

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    Druid tank question on hit

    Sorry if I'm rezing a dead horse but I've picked up some nice 264 pieces including Distant Land. I use Wrathful gloves and Wrathful wrists just because it seems the stam and agi is so nice until I get better. Anyway with these items my hit has gone way south to like 58. My question should I go back to 232 gloves and 232 wrist from Pit and 232 Ony helm to get hit up?

    For those that armory me, I know my spec isn't cookie cutter and my gems and enchants aren't those of full time tank, I find I'm able to respectably fill the roll of an OT and kittie with the same spec just swapping different gear here and there, and this allows me to secondary spec resto. With 30-percent buff I find I'm able to clear fights in groups I run with. In this post I'm just asking about the hit aspect and if I should gear down to get closer to cap? I've heard some tanks say they don't give hit much of a thought but mine seems super low.

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    No, hit isn't a good stat for you. If you're worried about threat, get more expertise(twice as good per point as hit). If you're worried about missing taunts, glyph your growl.

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