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Thread: My new tree and me

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    My new tree and me

    So long story short i have finally gotten my old druid transferred from my brothers account to mine (he has been in Afghanistan for the USMC). I have been healing alot on him recently if only to get gear faster (5 minute healer que>20 minute DPS que). So now i find myself healing my guilds new morning 10 man run (we have guys in south africa and such who we play with so morning for us is night for them) and i wanted to get a gauge if i am doing things right. I know i am missing things like my Wyrmrest accord enchant and sons of hodir one i will get those but, I am kinda just gemming whatever was free and i don't think i am doing it right. I am always strapped for gold so crafted anything is way out of the question and the 226 belt was actually a guild item that was collecting dust for months so i got it for free being a long time officer.


    There is my little tree ( who in this week dpsing ICC25 and 20 got nothing but feral gear -.-)

    Totally open to crticism and ideas as i am flying by the seat on my pants.

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    I am glad that you asked this question, of course you should know that gem and enchants play a HUGE role in the healing world of World of Warcraft. What I do with my main (Resto Druid) is very complex. With blue gems i got for the spell power and spirit. Red the spellpower. Yellow i believe it is the spellpower and intellect, i also know there is one yellow gem that is spellpower with haste but I only suggest using that specific gem if your are low on the haste cap. with enchants on other gear I suggest you get the cape enchanted with haste and everything else with the highest spellpower enchant as possible, but with your boots get the spirit enchant. YOU NEVER WANT TO STACK ONE STAT, NEVER! Please post something if anything is not clear! I hope this helps you out a little bit.
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