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Thread: The Weekly Marmot -- Patch 4.0 Speculation

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    I read somewhere in the forums (I apologize for not being able to locate the exact thread) that the reason they removed the previous tier drakes was due to the fact they wanted the 310% mounts to be difficult to attain. With the decision made to allow that speed to be trainable in Cataclysm, they may decide to leave them in.


    I do not have any 310% mounts, and welcome the ability to train for them, but it is merely as a convenience. I can understand how someone who completed the achievements when appropriate, with all the difficulty and coordination that implies, can be irritated that their symbol of accomplishment can be readily attained by someone with lesser abilities.

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    I actually decided to try out Minecraft after seeing so much of it about. I have to admit though, how do you play it without being stoned? :P
    U can also be very very very, (very), bored. It helps

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