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Thread: Prot Pally questions

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    Prot Pally questions

    Having a bit of an argument with another protadin in guild..

    1. Glyph for taunt or hammer of the righteous? I saw no point in HoTR he, however, see's no point in taunting

    2. Will a crusade build or seals of the pure give more tps? (also, what is THE threat build? 53/18?)

    3. Is 2/2 imp. judgements really going to completely screw up the 96969 rotation? Apparently 1/2 is the way to go, but whenever I ask about builds, the 53/12 spec has 2/2.

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    Glyph of taunt if you raid, glyph of hammer otherwise.
    Crusade will give you more tps.
    The extra point in improved judgements is mostly a filler point to reach the next tier of talents, you could shift it to another talent. I personally like having my judgements a little more often for some fights.
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    Okay awesome. So at point can you stop glyphing for taunt? (What hit rating is needed to not miss?)

    And is there anywhere I can see the math in crusade vs. Seals of the pure?

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    Prot Pally questions

    Taunts work off of spell hit so it requires 17% so you should never stop glyphing for it on taunt sensitive fights. If you have 17% hit as a prot pally without the glyph, you are doing something wrong.

    That being said, my warrior can raid tank with 90 hit and the taunt glyph. For taunt sensitive fights, a taunt will occassionally miss but mocking blow followed by a new taunt only if necessary gets the job done.

    My main is my prot pally who is over 100 hit but just as a natural consequence of the best EH gear he can get. Threat and even taunts (also glyphed like my warrior) are never an issue.
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    Being a pally we have two taunts anyhow I never bother with the taunt glyph as per sif never been an issue.

    The definitive work on pally threat by theck can be found here
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