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Thread: Aliena's Week in Warcraft (Episode 6)

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    Aliena's Week in Warcraft (Episode 6)

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    Also vote for your favorite Alliance faction leader to fight against Thrall who was voted for last week:

    The leaders to vote for are:
    Varian Wrynn, Magni Bronzebeard,Tyrande Whisperwind, Prophet Velen, Gelbin Mekkatorque, or Jaina Proudmoore. This is all found in Blizzard's General Discussion Forums.

    So far it is a very close 3 way race, meaning every vote counts.

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    Oh the PTR... where Ghostcrawler has warned everyone that the new skills and major class changes are balanced around level 85 players. That basically means don't freak out too much if current content is a little different than you're used to! Just letting everyone know this right here if they read it.

    Archaeology is definitely quite addicting from when I tried it on the beta. Definitely something amazingly fun! Thanks, Aliena, for explaining how to actually get started at dig sites, because that was definitely the most confusing part for most people playing the beta currently.

    Here's an example of my guild chat on beta relating to archaeology:
    "Sooo... where are these dig sites?"
    "WTF do I do with [Survey]?"
    "You'd think they'd tell me WHAT IS GOING ON AFTER I LEARN THIS SKILL!"

    Multiply those by about 10 and put them all within a 20 minute time frame, and that was gchat. So, once again, thank you for showing everyone the steps in your video this week! Hopefully most everyone that plans to start Archaeology watches this first...

    Very nice to know that I'm not the only one that has messed up by calling developers "delveopers." It's really awkward when the entire messed up word comes out... but always makes for good laughs when 24 other people are present and have something to say about it!

    Once again, great episode! Keep up the good stuff for the viewers like me... and more likely, viewers NOT like me.
    "Kyle, this is the way the world works. If you want to find quality friends, you have to wade through all the dicks first." -Cartman

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    Re: Aliena's Week in Warcraft (Episode 6)

    tapatalk doesn't accept your YouTube formatting.

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