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Thread: I really need to meet the ICC requirements as a resto druid, any gear suggetions?

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    I really need to meet the ICC requirements as a resto druid, any gear suggetions?


    That's my gears, I'm going to get T9 legs with my emblems/ a healing ring with my emblem too. But I couldnt find upgrades for my trinkets,belt and such. To be blunt, my gearscore right now is 4.5k gs. Without hurting my stats too much, I want to reach about 5.2k gs. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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    Belt of the Living Thicket, 226, Haste/Spirit, 28 Emblems of Conquest
    Belt of Arctic Life, 226, Haste/Spirit with Red and Yellow Sockets, Leatherworking (Runed Orbs)
    Those are two options for belts you could very easily get in the interim. Higher than that but before ICC you would need to raid Trial of the Crusader, both 10 and 25 man have several belt options.

    You currently aren't using any Idol. Buy the Emblem of Triumph idol at least, Idol of Flaring Growth. That's an unused slot which is additional rating you could have.

    You are using a Relentless Gladiator Ring however it is a Hit item which does not benefit restoration. The Wrathful Gladiator's Band of Dominance would provide more benefit to restoration as a Crit/Resilience item instead of a Hit/Resilience item as well as provide additional spellpower. The Wrathful rings do not have an Arena rating requirement either.
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    You're saying that you're about to buy the T9 legs with emblems, but I figure that the better option here is to go for the ICC crafted ones. They might be a bit expensive, but at least they're good enough to go ICC 25 even, so you won't need to replace them quickly.

    Another thing: you might want to swap your helm / chest with the emblem ones (T9). This might sound like a strange swapout, concidering that you'll lose a bit of GS there, but the reason for doing this is simple: you get the 4-piece set bonus. This helps alot through healing ICC, since GS isn't the only thing u need ;-). The GS loss from swapping your head in will be evened out with the ICC crafted legs anyway.

    Furthermore; I can state the above post is correct. I might add that you could try and raid some ToC 25 for the Solace trinket there. Had it myself for a long time, still using it for PvP. It's a badass trinket, take it from me ;-).

    There, hope it helped.
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    If you are relatively new to healing, I'd also suggest you join some pugs for lower-tier content so you can get some practice, if you aren't already. Being a skilled healer makes up some for a small shortfall in gear, especially if you gem, enchant, and go for whatever well-itemized gear you can get your hands on.

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